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Frequently asked questions

What is aesell means ? What can I do with this?

What are the benefits of Listing something on aesell

Can I add my business on

Why my ads taking longer time to publish?

In some cases, We need to Re – review your ad by Experts for the security of our site. Your ad may take longer time on public holidays.

What Is The Maximum File Size I Can Upload?

You Can upload a Maximum of 512 KB of any Image files. aesell recommend less size images for the fast loading of aesell pages. Please use any Online or offline software for compressing your image. Eg – Photoshop

Can I edit or modify the listings on aesell?

aesell provides you the complete authority to your account where listing is created.

You can login to your account using registered email id and password and do whatever you want to do in your listings.

  • Change/edit content of the listing
  • Change/delete photos of the listing
  • Delete the listing if you don’t want to show the listing
  • Anything you want to do in your listing can be done by logging in to the account, you have created

What is the duration of the listing on aesell?

Every Listing types has its own validity periods:

  • Adding a business is absolutly free and no validity.
  • Job listing has only 3 months validity, we don’t keep invalid or expired jobs on our server. Hovever if your job needs additional period of time, request it on [email protected]
  • Resumes will be deleted after 1 year of publishing / modifying date, users should update their CV in order to make it alive.
  • Ads wich are harmful to Goverment / relegion / personnel will be removed immediately

Can I promote my ad?

Yes. you can promote your ad on aesell website whether you need it on side bar, Home page, at the top of Listings, etc

I saw something which should not be on aesell. what should I do?

We appreciate if you suddently click on report button available on every ads.
In addition, If you find that we are violating any copyrights by using your company logos/information please contact us at [email protected]
We will review your query and reply as soon as possible.

Still you need help from US?

Write to management